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Rowland Adult &
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Welcome to Rowland Recreation
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Rowland Adult & Community Education Recreation Department
invites you to participate in a variety of recreational opportunities for children. Enhance your life with dance, art, music, computers, sports, robotics, and just plain fun!

We strive to provide fun, safe, and affordable classes to promote a healthy lifestyle for our community.

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Important Notices
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Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Email and Mail-in registrations do not guarantee enrollment in the class.
No reservations will be made for any classes.
No registrations will be accepted prior to registration day.
Summer Swim 2023 Registration:
Saturday, April 29 @ 8:00am
Online Only
(Phone assistance will be available until 2:00pm)
Please make your account before April 29th to prevent any delays in your registration.

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