Rowland Adult &
Community Education

Summer Swim 2024 Pre-Registration:
Saturday, April 27 @ 8:00am
Online Only
(Phone assistance will be available until 12:00pm)
Notice: Nogales High School is not available for the Summer Swim Program 2024.
Please make your account before April 27th to prevent any delays in your registration.
The Recreation Department does not reserve class spots during registration and will not be liable for loss in class enrollment due to account access delays.

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Swim Session Information
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All lessons will be held at:

Rowland High School
2000 S. Otterbein Ave.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Non-Refundable Family Registration Fee
Transfer Fee*
Parent & Me Session I & II
Parent & Me Session III & IV
Session I & II
Tiny Tots - Lvl 2
Beginner - Lvl 3
Advanced Beginner - Lvl 4
Intermediate -  Lvl 5
Session III & IV
Tiny Tots - Lvl 2
Beginner - Lvl 3
Advanced Beginner - Lvl 4
Intermediate - Lvl 5
Swim Camp
*Parents must come to the Recreation Office to transfer their child to a different class. No transfers, credits, or refunds will be made at the pool.
*Disclaimer: The schedules above are tentative and subject to change.

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General Information
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  • All guests must always follow the direction of the pool staff.
  • The Recreation Department has a "Zero Tolerance" policy. We reserve the right to refuse service or ask a participant to leave the program, including parents, grandparents, or students who use foul language, rough play, or disrespect our guest or any staff member.  
  • Pools may close due to water contamination, rain, impure air, lightning, or other types of dangerous weather. There will be NO make-up classes for weather-related pool closures.   
  • Guardians are responsible for supervising children. Lifeguards are responsible for rule enforcement and responding to emergencies.   
  • Parents must remain onsite during students' 30-minute lessons. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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  • Swimsuit must be worn.
  • Colored t-shirts or cut-offs are not allowed.
  • Bathing caps are suggested but not required.
  • Jewelry should NOT be worn at the pool.
  • The pool staff is not responsible for lost items.
  • Infants and toddlers must wear a swim diaper.

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Make-up & Refund Policy
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  • Swim classes that are canceled due to pool closure for safety purposes (rolling blackouts, water contamination, natural disaster, vandalism, etc.) will NOT BE RESCHEDULED.
  • There will be NO refunds or make-ups if students miss their class.

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Parent Responsibility
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  • Parents must remain on-site for the entire 30-minute lesson. The instructors will not be responsible for a child’s safety outside the specified class time.
A CHARGE WILL BE ASSESSED FOR A LATE PICKUP. $1 per minute, paid in cash.

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Lesson Check-In
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  • Parents must check in their child at the “Check-In Table” at the start of EVERY SESSION.
  • When checking in for sessions II, III, or IV, it is the parent's responsibility to inform the check-in staff of the student moving to the next level. Parents must show the swimming certificate they were given at the end of the previous session, which states the class the student will be moving into.