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Sessions Schedule
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Session I          June 14 to June 25
Session II         June 28 to July 7
Session III      July 12 to July 23
Lessons are offered, Monday-Friday for 30 minutes from 8:45am-12:25pm and 2:45pm-5:55pm. There will be a 10 break between each class to get swimmers from the parking lot to the pool and back due to Covid Guidelines
Cost $70 per session plus a $5 registration fee.

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Due to overall planning and fairness to all involved, there will be NO refunds or changes for swim lessons. Please, plan carefully before making this commitment to our program.

If a class is canceled, an automatic refund will be processed with no service charge and mailed to you.
Swim classes canceled due to pool closure for safety purposes (rolling blackouts, water contamination, natural disaster, vandalism) will NOT be rescheduled. There will be NO refunds or make-ups for MISSED classes by students.

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Parent must be sure Instructor is on site before leaving child, as Instructors have other classes to teach and cannot be responsible for a child's safety outside the specified class time.

A charge will be assessed for a late pickup.