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Art for Children - 8 Weeks
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Students learn how to create a specific type of artwork using different techniques and materials. Classes include a brief lesson, and an introduction to the subject and medium.
Max. 9 Students
Classes Offered:
120202 Ages 5-7 Thursday 1/20-3/10 3:30pm-4:15pm
120203 Ages 8-10 Thursday 1/20-3/10 4:30pm-5:15pm
Class Fee: $75 Loc: RACE Room 103 Instructor: Estela Mora
Materials Needed: Mixed Media Sketchbook (8 X 10 or larger), 12 Count Color Pencils, 20 Count Markers, & 16 Count Crayons, Pencil, Pen & Eraser, you can purchase supplies on Amazon or Target.

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Painting & Drawing for Kids - 8 Weeks
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This is a hands-on project-based art class. Our caring teachers will work one-on-one with students, building one skill upon another, from simple to complex. Students will work on different subject each class. A variety of media are taught, introduced from watercolor to acrylics on paper and canvas, with different techniques and skills, our goal is to build up their interest and creativity in art.  Class is held in small groups range with similar ages.
Max. 6
Classes Offered:
160501 1st -5th Grade Saturday 1/22-3/12 2:00-3:00pm
Class Fee: $135 Loc: 19228 Colima Rd. Rowland Hts. Instructor: Leaders Learning Staff
Material Fee: $20 due at first class meeting